We are dedicated to delivering healthy food across all industries

A Growing Market

The fitness industry is a market that continues to grow, and Equals Health is a part of this journey. We are working alongside personal trainers and gyms, incorporating our healthy nutritious food with their training programmes. The two go hand in hand perfectly – fitness and good food – Equals Health will support the fitness industry the whole way.

Whether your clients are looking to lose weight, maintain or build muscle, then we have the perfect solution! Our Michelin star chef has put together a mouth-watering nutritious menu that your clients will not only love the taste of, but alongside training, will see guaranteed results. Healthy food has never tasted so good!

Equals Health Schools Lunch Box
Equals Health Schools Lunch Box

Meal Programmes

You can build a meal programme around your clients’ needs, from 2-6 meals each day for between 5-6 days a week, offering a hassle-free service that takes the stress out of preparing your daily meals.

This will help set you or your business apart from other personal trainers or gyms as you are now offering the full package in terms of fitness and nutrition with a growing company you can trust.  The majority of people believe healthy nutrition is just to do with weight loss or health in general, but healthy eating is an essential part of leading a healthy lifestyle and will also benefit their personal and work life too.

Ordering Process

Creating a unique code for each gym and personal trainer, we can monitor how many Equals Health customers are introduced through your business and will offer a give back reward for this, which in turn will help to increase your revenue.

Following our Director’s recent appearance on the hit BBC show ‘The Apprentice’, our name Equals Health is becoming more and more well known.  The increased press coverage and social media endorsements from individuals, with a combined following into the millions will help catapult Equals Health to the go-to meal prep company.

Not only are you improving your service to your customers, but you will earn money from this too.

Your body is the most expensive vessel you will ever own! So let’s fill our body and minds with the fuel that will make it perform to its full potential!

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