We are dedicated to delivering healthy food across all industries

The Answer is Healthy Food

We at Equals Health believe that the most important part to living a healthy lifestyle is the food that we eat. It is so important that we fill ourselves and our children with the nutrients we need to live a healthy life. Research has shown that eating healthy food can improve pupils’ concentration by up to 20%, which in turn will have a positive impact on students’ overall performance. This shows that the food students eat has a direct impact on their work performance, so the best way to improve the productivity is to encourage healthy eating.

Teaming up with Schools

Equals Health is teaming up with schools around the country to give parents the option to have affordable, healthy, tasty, nutritional meals delivered to their children’s school. Our Michelin star chef has created a menu that students will love and that will fill them with all the goodness they need to lead a healthy lifestyle and help to improve their performance at school.

It really is so important that the up and coming generations learn more about what foods they should be eating and what nutrients our bodies need, as this will have a positive impact on the rest of their lives. If we can educate and improve our children’s diet, then they will grow up with this embedded into their everyday lifestyle and in turn pass this down to their children. This is how Equals Health will help to improve the way we as a nation eat!

How Does it Work?

  • You choose the meal

  • We deliver to your school

  • Your child enjoys and reaps the rewards!

Equals Health Schools Lunch Box

It really is as simple as that!

We will be working alongside secondary schools to ensure that all students and parents are made aware of this amazing service. A give-back scheme will also be put in place, where a percentage of the money received will be injected back into the school; money the school would never have had! This can go towards new equipment, repairs, extra-curricular activities and much more.

Your body is the most expensive vessel you will ever own, so let’s fill our body and minds with the fuel that will make it perform to its full potential.

All food containers are reusable and recyclable!

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